Where did you invest your God’s favored portfolio?

 When did you last check the “companies” you have been investing your FAVORED portfolio? Are you producing enough ROI (return on investment) for the ONE who trusted you with HIS portfolio?  God entrusted you with the power to multiply or increase HIS PORTFOLIO with:


  • Physical Health to form a family and multiply HIS kingdom
  • Mental Health to generate ideas to empower the world & improve lives around you
  • Financial Health to prosper, build the communities and leave a divine legacy
  • Spiritual Health to inspire divine values
  • Environmental Health to have time, people,energy, opportunities to do HIS work.


I was meditating today on Mathew 13: the sower parable and got me thinking how real that saying is for us human beings. The choices we make determine what we get. How we use what we have and the “company” we invest in predict the ROI we get. By now you should know which company has real potential of ROI. In life we have so many companies available: spouses or life partners, children, brothers & sisters, classmates, colleagues, friends, acquaintances,…etc. Some are fake, some are real. Some are virtual, some are true.   Can you really get a ROI by investing in a Virtual Portfolio?


Can you really get a personal ROI by investing in virtual Portfolio? Just like those who decided lately to invest all their money in Facebook, they find out the hardest way how much the value was VIRTUAL. Only when you look at your investment options through the Favored portfolio that God entrusted you with, that you can avoid Facebook like end result and choose the real companies than can guarantee a great long lasting ROI, if you want your investment will produce any equity or dividend.


One night, as I was sitting quietly at home with my children, I got a text message at 8:11pm:

” Do u want to go out tonight?”

I texted back: ” Can’t”

The person texted: ” too bad”

I concluded: ” YEP”


There is nothing wrong with having fun with friends, there is nothing wrong with accepting an unplanned invitation in a middle of a Saturday night to go to a night club full of loud music and people smoking. Who knows who I will meet? At 43 years old, this is a great way to feel young again or remember the good old days. I might even get a chance to flirt with few open and willing minds over there: what the heck I am single and free. Maybe it will be just a quiet place to enjoy ourselves in any way we choose to celebrate the evening. Even though the next morning I will have to wake up late, have a hangover, be in a bad mood, miss going to church, miss calls from real friends or my 80 years old mom, with my children staring at me…etc. There is really nothing that wrong with that. It’s just a choice and the next day, life can go on. That’s life anyway.


The difference for me is the way I look at my life and this second chance I have been given by God. I am a survivor of Homelessness and I have been thriving since that time no matter what. But in fall 2007 I had to learn to walk again like a baby. I had to learn to put one foot in from a another just to move, as I was recovering from a major surgery to remove a sarcoma (BONE CANCER) that was devoring my bone inch by inch with clearly the intention to leave me crippled for life or dead.


God rescued me again and gave me a new beginning, of which I will be eternally grateful. God favored me and I want to insure that He gets the biggest ROI  by investing in me. How many chances one can get


 There are forces of nature that throw temptations at us every single minute and every single day. There is our own mind that plays tricks with us and leave us confused and proned to questionable behaviours. There are our own emotions that get out of control so many times that it becomes a huge battle to bring order inside there.


 Through it all, we have the greatest compass in life and when we seek HIS ROI, we will be guided to make better choices.


A young gentleman was sitting in my office last week and I was so amazed by his accomplishments and achievements. I ask him how a young 33 years old has been able to build this big company in Canada that is worth close to $100 million (yes it’s $100 million) in less than 15 years?


His answer was equally amazing:

” when growing up my parents told me that the most deterrant thing in life is lying, they said you can never hide from a lie. You can lie to people, but God sees you. So because God sees you, you will always pay the price for your lies no matter what. When you say, you are a spiritual person and a person of God, you better don’t lie. Human beings might not know you did lie to them, God knows you did. I fear God the most and God is the want I know I have to please and answer to, I know I better run my company honestly  and don’t try to lie to my clients just to get their money. I have lived by that rule from day one” he said.   Enough said.   As for me, I want HIM to get the biggest ROI through me, as HE bet on my life again.