Don’t end your relationship, fight for it



Yes you, who wants to give up on your blossoming and promising relationship you have heavily invested in for the past 15 months, emotionally, spiritually and more. Before you end it, ask yourself what motivates your “WHY”. You have just invested 15 months in this woman, and your future with her. All of a sudden just when everything is about to start materializing, out of frustration, impatience and irritation, you want to give up, go another direction, or even worse, go back and start resurrecting the ghost of the past failures?


Have you asked yourself what forces are playing here to bring confusion into you, doubt into you, negativity into you, abandonment into you. Let me tell you that God has nothing to do with this. He instructed us in Galatians 6:9 “Let us not be weary of doing what is good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest IF WE DO NOT GIVE UP”. 


Before you give up, ask yourself if your motives are “reasonable” and “justified”.


For any realtionship to come together, there has to be serious spiritual fight, emotional fight and even personal fights. Why? Because anytime Good is about to happen, many forces get agitated and activated to break the process, prevent it from happening. It is a simple law of nature.


But you are a God loving, God fearing person. You are a man of faith, who asked God to give you a woman who can love you (and I know she does), complement you ( you know she does), who can understand you as YOU, the man you are today(God knows it’s a major task), the man you are aspiring to be tomorrow(I am sure it will be done); a woman who can walk side by side with you in your journey and support, enable or channel that journey.


From what I can see, you got it, you got that woman.

I firmly believe that God has blessed you with an exceptional woman in her.

Of course, the forces of evil, negativity and more, had to wake up.


Before you choose to end it or give up on it, ask yourself if you are not just repeating the same… read more here