3 ways to jump start your career

 It is no longer a secret that over 70% of the available opportunities are not advertised or disclosed to the general public. For any candidate who wants to break into these openings, you will have to use different ways to get to the hiring authority. In this highly competitive market we are experiencing right now, where there are millions of websites offering job opportunities, thousands of recruitment agencies, hundreds of employment and career centres, it is getting even harder for candidates to get noticed or to easily stand out. Contrary to the general belief, the problem is not that there are fewer jobs for too many candidates. Employers are complaining about the skills offered by candidates that hardly match what they are looking for. The market is shifting every quarter. Thus the information can quickly get overwhelming for the candidates and the options presented in the market seem confusing to many candidates or the people who try to help them find work.

There are still 3 simple proven tools that can put any person faster in front of the hiring authority or the recruiting officer, and give you the opportunity to stake your case directly or to get the insight information on how to land that dream job you want and jump start your career.


Attend job fairs every where you can

There will never be a better tool to give you direct access to hiring authorities of companies you would like to work for as a job fair. A face-to-face opportunity with human resources manager, senior recruitment officers…etc, these are the kind of people you will find at the booth. Why they take their time to come? They simply want you desperately. This is your chance to talk to them, take the time to find more about the company: the positions, the salary, the compensation, climbing that ladder from within, the culture of the company…etc. The opportunity is really exceptional for you to gain first look at who works for them, so you too can decide if this is a good fit for you. You can hand them your resume while you are looking at them straight in their eyes. You can see their reaction right then and there. Body language never lies. You can even decide that you don’t actually like them as much as you thought and just walk away. Nothing else gives you this chance. Why pass it up?


Tip: attend every single job fair you see out there if you can. If you are bilingual, you can’t afford to miss the Bilinguallink career fair and skills expo 2013. While there, talk to every single exhibitor present, engage them in the conversation, ask all the questions you have without hesitation. Take your time and talk to them. You have nothing to lose here, so this is your chance.


Refresh your resume each week on the job boards.

All job boards are the same and all job boards are programmed the same way. Every time an employer is searching through a resume database, the latest resume show up first. Thus if you have posted your resume three months ago and you have never revisited it, you might be number ten thousand inside that database. The chances for your resume being seen by employers are very small, especially if you are dealing with a job board which receives dozens or hundreds of resume per day or per week. Yes that exists. Don’t just post your resume and hope for the best. You have the power to position yourself ahead of everybody and remind the system that you are still available and looking.


Tip: post your resume in as many job boards as possible, in as many categories as possible. If you are bilingual, start with www.bilinguallink.com of course. But spend time each week or every two weeks to refresh it.


Use networking events everywhere you can

As I mentioned above, over 70% of the positions available in the market are never advertised to the general public. To understand what this really means, you have to picture that: if 3000 positions are advertised in the media and everywhere, there are 7000 more positions that are available, accessible and desperate for candidates. The bad news is: they only get filled through word-of-mouth which means “who you know”.  Someone has to refer you or recommend you or even tell you about the position for you to know it exists.  Therefore you have to allocate time in building your contacts with people who will know you are looking for work. There are many ways you can increase your network of people: attending networking events is a great one. You will meet different people, talk to them, find out who they are, what they do, where they work, how they got there. You will learn from them and get good insight on how you too can manage your situation like them. The biggest incentive in any networking event is that: everybody who comes there obeys to the same rule of networking “You have to give something in order to receive something”. You have to give an advice or information or offer an opportunity. This alone makes you feel valuable. That value is your asset. Don’t be shy to use it. Build your confidence around that value and offer it openly and gladly. Someone will notice, remember and decide to talk to someone about you when you least expect it.


Tip: find out all details about the group before you join. Know your interests and define your needs before signing up for a particular group. Talk to everyone you can while you are there. There is no such a thing as an empty conversation. Every conversation can always lead to something. Keep an open mind.


Rose Cathy Handy, is president of Bilinguallink.com you can follow her on twitter @stillrosecathy.