Rose Cathy Handy – Author / CEO

Rose Cathy Handy

 Who am I to have such an impact?


 I am just a woman from the tiny unknown village of Makak in southern Cameroon (Africa). My dad was a teacher all his life, and my mom was a stay-at-home mom all her life. My family was financially poor but spiritually strong and rich. I have no connections, and I don’t have friends in high places. I am a complete nobody in a country or society where, if anything happens to me, you will barely find ten people that would be touched or affected by my misfortune. For all intents and purposes, at the moment when I made the gutsy move to start my business, not knowing what my tomorrow was going to be about, I was just destined to confirm the statistics of a black woman with her immigration status in limbo, getting involved with a man with questionable morals. “He cheated on her, lied to her and got her pregnant then left her on the street with nothing but her baby!” What was ahead for me? Social assistance? prostitution? low-paying jobs? food bank… But I had the resolve that this would not be me. I was still breathing, walking, talking and thinking. I still had everything that matters. The rest was up to me.


 I never forgot that my mom told me I was born to do great things.




Now President of and CEO of H.E.R. Consulting and Services Inc where to date, over 30,000 people have found work or improved their lives from what I do.


I am the author of “Going from Homeless to CEO: no excuse handbook”, and a publisher of various articles, guides and magazines.


People usually say that I am a gifted visionary with exceptional focus on solutions and results.


My knowledge, experience and expertise cover many areas: business start-up, women empowerment, immigrant success, publication, career planning, minority affairs, effective promotion, branding, organizational development and probably more.


That’s what more than 15 years experience winning the survival war will bring to anybody.


Rose’s short Bio


An award winning business woman, Rose brings a common sense approach to help future entrepreneurs and  small business owners structure their ideas and goals to carve a practical vision for their success.


Through her keynotes and presentations, she inspires women, executives, young people and leaders with her stories and wisdom to empower them through seasoned principles and tested strategies to triumph over any challenge in life.


She has been a coach, a mentor and a role model to so many women, immigrants, leaders and entrepreneurs locally and around the world as a living proof of endless possibilities for making it no matter what.


Her local and international media appearances can be found at: CTV, TVO, TFO, Radio-Canada, RDI, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, More magazine, Amina, L’Express de Toronto, Who’s who … and many more


With French as her first language, Rose can speak to any size of audience from 5 to 5000 people in English and French.